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Fallston, MD, a wonderful place to call home, and an..

Bel Air MD Towing snowFallston, MD, a wonderful place to call home, and an even better place to call work. We here at Fallston Tow Truck have been within the community for years, and want to ensure that you and your family and business know that you have a local towing company that is there for you. Through the worst of times, and the best of times, the team at Fallston Tow Truck will be the dependable and reliable towing company that you will need. Let our drivers take you in, and ensure that your vehicle gets to where it needs to, without the hassle that you would receive when you choose one of the big city companies. Call us today 443-201-7144 and see why so may have trusted their towing services to the team at Fallston Tow Truck, located right here in the heart of Fallston, MD.

Towing Services In Fallston, MD

Here at Fallston Tow Truck, we do not want to waste your time or money. Thus, we have laid out the towing services we offer and have good solid rates that match. With our 24/7 service and ability to pay with all major credit cards, it is no wonder why we have partnered with Bel Air Tow Truck. Better service, and better towing experience, only available with Fallston Tow Truck. Here is just a snippet of the service we are now offering Fallston, MD:

24/7 emergency service – When you need a tow truck most, you should be able to get one. Thus, at Fallston Tow Truck we offer our services 24/7 no matter the season or day of the year. Call our dispatch 443-201-7144 and a truck will be on its way in mere minutes.

Accident recovery – When you are dealing with a wreck, the last thing you need to do is worry about your vehicle. Let our drivers handle it, and you can focus on the welfare of you and your passengers.

Lockout service – Dealing with a lockout? Save your car from the damage a clothes hanger can do, and ensure that you call the team at Fallston Tow Truck to get back in your car in no time.Bel Air MD Towing flat bed

Roadside Assistance – Roadside assistance is more than just a need, it is a necessary precaution, especially if you have kids. Let our team be your rescuer, and you can get back on the road in a jiffy.

Tire change service – Changing a tire on the side of the road is never fun, let our team take care of it, and you will not even have to get your pants dirty

Jump start service – Dealing with a dead battery suck, let our team get you jumped and on the way.

Gas delivery service – Have you run out of gas? Save the walk, and call a team that can deliver you gas!

Heavy duty towing – Meant for those with the big trucks, we are only of the only companies in the state delivering this service 24/7.

Medium duty towing – Keeping small businesses alive, with our truly amazing medium duty towing.

Light duty towing – The best of the rest, our light duty towing is for consumer vehicles that need to get to a shop, or to neighbors.


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